Trying to find a job after a criminal conviction and not having much luck? You are not alone. A majority of formerly incarcerated individuals find it hard to find a job after serving time. Although it is challenging, here are some hopeful developments from commerce and government that may help your situation.

Competition For Employees

As the numbers of available jobs grow and there are fewer workers to fill them, many employers are increasingly open to hiring workers with a felony record, especially those that have a consistent work record.

Train For Success

Having an in-demand skill set is a plus in the job marketplace. Take advantage of training opportunities to learn a new trade or increase your education in your present field.

A Pledge

In 2016, a federal government initiative called the Fair Chance Business Pledge became an official effort to mobilize businesses to give second chances to Americans with criminal records. Major corporations such as Starbucks, Xerox and Google were original pledge signers. Applying to a Fair Chance company could increase your hiring chances. You can see reviews of Fair Chance Pledge companies here.

State Law Relief

Recently signed into law, North Carolina’s House Bill 774 makes it easier for the state’s employers to hire individuals with a past conviction record. Politicians hope that this law will help companies find the employees they need and help more unemployed persons find jobs.

Another way to increase your employability is to pursue any opportunity for record expungement with the help of an experienced criminal law professional. Depending upon the conviction, you may boost your future prospects.