Drunk driving is a very serious matter in North Carolina. Along with endangering the lives of yourself and other drivers, you also face many significant legal issues resulting in your arrest, some of which have lasting implications. Very Well Mind explains some of the consequences of a DUI.


While the details vary from state to state, chances are you will be tasked with paying a fine if convicted of drunk driving. First offenses often incur a minimum fine, although some circumstances warrant an increase. For instance, if someone was injured as a result of your DUI you may be faced with an enhanced fine to match the severity of the arrest. Some states also increase fines when the driver is transporting a minor while inebriated.

Loss of license

License suspension is also common with DUIs. If you must travel for work, you can petition the court for a hardship license. In this case, you’ll be allowed to drive under restricted circumstances only. The length of a suspension also varies. First-time offenders may be faced with a few months’ suspension, while subsequent offenses incur a suspension of years in some cases. Repeat offenders may also be subject to license revocation, which means they will be permanently banned from operating a motor vehicle.

Jail time and probation

Jail time is becoming more and more common despite the number of offenses or the severity of the case. Probation can occur with or without jail time. During this period, you must meet with a probation officer on a frequent basis and adhere to the terms laid out by the court. Alcohol education and driving classes may also be part of probation duties. If you attend these classes, you’ll be required to pay any fees associated with your attendance.