Once released after a felony conviction, many people feel lost. While you may be prepared to get back on your feet, you will no doubt encounter a struggle. It is common for property owners and property managers to look into someone’s criminal past before deciding to rent out the home. Fortunately, there are resources in North Carolina that help people who are trying to turn their lives around. A criminal conviction should not ruin your life.

There are housing options available for felons within the state. First, according to Jobs for Felons, you may want to consider transitional housing. Transitional housing emphasizes rehabilitation. You can choose these housing options for up to two years or for as little as two weeks. Now, aside transitional housing, you can work with HUD or the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for subsidized housing. There are local agencies that work with HUD to help people find affordable housing.

There are exceptions when it comes to working with HUD. You cannot be involved in meth trafficking or sexual assault crimes. If you have a conviction in one of these crimes, then you may have to look for other agencies to help you locate housing. You may want to check with local churches or faith-based organizations for help. Jobs for Felons suggests that you do not apply for large apartment complexes because these will often turn down potential residents who have criminal convictions.

The information provides is to aid you in an understanding of the options available to felons. This is not legal advice.