If you have been convicted of a drug-related offense in North Carolina, it can affect you eligibility for employment at certain places and can even impede your ability to rent a home. If your conviction was some time ago, you may be looking into getting it expunged. But how does this work when it comes to drug charges?

The expunction process

Getting a criminal offense expunged from you record removes it entirely, and not even the arrest will come up in a background check because all of the records relevant to the case are sealed. According to the North Carolina Judicial Branch, there is a process by which you can get a drug charge expunged, and in North Carolina it is known as the expunction process. For the expunction of drug charges you are required to fill out a specific form and submit it to the court.

What else is involved in expunction?

Don’t expect an expunction to happen within a few days of your submission. It can sometimes take several months for the court to finish evaluating all of the information at its disposal, and you will need to make an appearance at an expunction hearing.

Expunging your records is not free. You must be able to pay the $175 filing fee for any charges to which you pled guilty. However, if it was a case that was dismissed or had a verdict of “not guilty,” you may be able to avoid the fee.

This article is made purely for informative purposes and is not a form of legal advice.