There are so many different reasons why people get behind the wheel after they have been drinking. Some people do this because they are addicted to alcohol and are regularly under the influence. Other people may rarely drink, but they may drive drunk on a single occasion because they have to get home after visiting a friend for the night. However, when people face challenges at work, this may also increase their chances of driving drunk, which can make their life considerably harder.

The workplace can be brutal, and some people have an especially hard time dealing with their jobs. They may feel hopeless and find themselves under an immense amount of pressure each day. Some people may face temporary challenges at work, such as a difficult project that is nearing completion, which can cause them to drink more than they normally would in an attempt to alleviate some of their stress. Others may struggle with chronic stress due to their job and they may enjoy a few drinks every day after work. Either way, some of these people find themselves behind the wheel, and even if they are driving a very short distance they may be pulled over and charged with DUI.

Drunk driving charges can interfere with someone’s life in all sorts of ways. They may be fired, or their reputation may be tarnished, and they may not ever be able to restore their good name at work. This can lead to unemployment and many other hardships, not to mention the loss of driving privileges, fines and even time behind bars.