Many residents of North Carolina have a dog as a pet. Unfortunately, even beloved family pets that you have known for years can end up biting someone despite the best intentions of their owners and the caution the victim may have been exerting. This bite can leave a victim severely impacted in numerous ways. 

Dog bite attacks affect victims in different ways depending on how the attack itself went, as well as the disposition of the victim in question. Physical effects are often among the first things people think of. Dog bites can result in torn soft tissue, the removal of pieces of flesh or small appendages like fingers, and disfigurement. If the nerves are damaged in the bite, your sense of touch or ability to move can also be impacted. 

Mentally, a bite attack can have a serious impact. People may develop a phobia of dogs. Some become afraid of the possibility of another attack and refuse to leave their homes in extreme cases. There is also an increase in anxiety or depression. The symptoms can worsen in those who already had a diagnosis and can manifest in those who did not. In severe cases, some even suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. 

It can be difficult to get life back on track after a bite. Between the physical and mental repercussions, it can take years in some cases to get back on your feet. If you are curious to take a closer look at dog bite attacks and their impact on victims, consider viewing our web page on personal injury, linked above.