As a business owner in North Carolina, ensuring your customers are satisfied is your main concern. You should also be concerned with customer safety at your business, as you may be subject to a costly lawsuit if a person is injured on your premises and you’re found responsible. Forbes explains how business owners can prevent premises liability claims and ensure consumers remain safe and sound.

Don’t mistakenly believe the property owner will be responsible for any injuries happening at your business. In many cases, it’s considered your responsibility to ensure the customers don’t encounter any hazards while patronizing your business even if you don’t own the building you operate out of. Even if you have insurance in place, you must still make every effort to ensure your business is safe. Keep in mind that the subsequent lawsuit may exceed your insurance limits, which means you’d be responsible for covering the difference.

You can reduce your liability risk by remaining alert and aware of your surroundings, and you should also instruct your workers to do the same. Be on the look for problems inside your business, as well as frequently surveying your parking lot and other outdoor areas. Something like a pothole in your parking lot can cause massive damage to a vehicle, which you may be on the hook for depending on the circumstances.

Once a problem has been identified, it should be addressed as soon as possible. For problems that can’t be fixed right away, make sure the issue is clearly identified and your customers are warned about the potential hazard. Even cleaning can be a hazard when floors are wet, so make sure employees set up the proper warnings when mopping the floor, or you could be privy to a slip and fall suit.