Someone who has been accused of domestic violence may be very worried about how the allegations could disrupt their family life. Even if they are no longer in a relationship with a partner who is accusing them of intimate partner violence (whether it is physical, verbal, financial or sexual), they may fear that they will not be able to have a healthy relationship with their kids as a result of the allegations. Worse, these charges can shatter one’s life in many other ways as well, turning their career upside down and jeopardizing their reputation in the community and other relationships.

When someone is accused of abusing a spouse, child or another family member, they may be fired as a result of the allegations. Even if an employer does not directly attribute their dismissal to a pending domestic violence case, this could be the driving force behind losing a job. Moreover, these charges can have a long-term impact on one’s career, making it nearly impossible to find certain types of positions ever again.

Aside from one’s career, many other aspects of their life can be turned on end because of domestic violence accusations. For example, if they are a prominent member of the community, they may lose their respect as a result of the allegations. Unfortunately, a lot of people have had to work through these problems even though they were completely innocent and someone falsely accused them of domestic violence.

When domestic violence allegations come up, they need to be taken very seriously. On our website, we cover other legal issues related to domestic violence.