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Assault And Battery

Board-Certified Specialists Defending Assault And Battery Charges

At Edwards & Trenkle, PLLC, we understand how overwhelming it can feel to face assault and battery charges. This is a serious crime that carries a harmful stigma that can negatively impact your job, family and future. It is easy to feel hopeless or misunderstood when charges are brought against you.

We encourage you not to give up hope when you are up against criminal charges. With over 60 years of combined experience defending state and federal cases, our attorneys know your options to develop a strong defense. We will listen to your story free of judgment and protect your best interests.

Possible Penalties For Assault And Battery Convictions

North Carolina law considers charges of assault or battery to be the same offense. These terms cover an array of activities, ranging from:

  • Inducing fear of harm in someone else
  • Causing serious bodily injury
  • “Simple” assaults, such as hitting, kicking or punching
  • Harm with a deadly weapon, such as a knife or gun
  • Acting with the intent to kill
  • Any attack on a female
  • Sex crimes involving an assault

Assault and battery-related actions can be charged as a serious misdemeanor. However, if a deadly weapon or intent to kill is determined, then it may be a felony charge. Penalties range from jail or prison time, life without parole, fines, probation and restrictions on your freedoms.

Self Defense Is A Strong Defense

Many assault and battery charges stem from the need to defend yourself from someone who is acting erratically, intimidating you or threatening your family.

We serve as program attorneys for U.S. Law Shield, a group that advocates for your legal right to defend yourself. Our team values your ability to defend your and your family’s health. We will form a thorough defense strategy that demonstrates your need for self-defense to prevent baseless charges from harming your future.

We Are Your Advocates – From Start To Finish

It is incredibly important to discuss assault and battery charges with an experienced attorney who can provide the protection you need. In many cases, our attorneys can offer a solid defense to pursue the best possible outcome Additionally, we can help with post-conviction relief if you are wrongfully convicted of a charge.

Call our Durham office at 919-695-7338 or our Pittsboro office at 919-545-5626 for dedicated assistance. You may also use our online form to set up a consultation with one of our attorneys.

The sooner you act, the better your chances are for recovering evidence and witnesses to help your case. Our attorneys represent clients in state and federal court, in the court of appeals and for expungements.