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Fraudulent Acts Can Lead To Felony Charges

It can be easier than you think to fall into fraud charges. Whether you are aware of them or not, even being remotely involved in fraudulent activities is taken seriously by North Carolina’s criminal and civil courts. If you face white collar crime or other fraud charges, our expert criminal defense lawyers can provide the strong support you need.

At Edwards & Trenkle, PLLC, we carefully examine the evidence against you to create a strong case strategy. Our attorneys have been defending criminal charges since 1990. We understand how the prosecution thinks, and we know how to prepare you for a jury trial. We take your fraud case very seriously – because we know the prosecutor will.

When Your Case Is Considered A Felony

North Carolina traditionally carries harsh sentences for any fraudulent acts that involve fines of more than $1,000. If there is sufficient evidence, you could face felony charges. The penalties may include paying the money back with fines, restitution, investigations into all areas of your finances and life, jail time or prison.

Our accomplished lawyers can help if you face fraud charges involving:

  • Claiming bankruptcy or owing on post-bankruptcy payments
  • Mistakes with your taxes or tax evasion
  • Identity theft or ATM fraud
  • Exaggerated insurance claims
  • Mail, email, phishing, spam or phone scams
  • Credit or debit cards, or securities
  • Scams that cross interstate borders
  • “Pyramid” schemes or product sales
  • Health care providers or prescriptions
  • Employees or your employer

Finding The Best Course Of Action

We have over 60 years of combined experience defending clients from fraud allegations and charges. We work to mitigate the damages to your reputation and the penalties on the table. From organizing plea deals to negotiating settlements or taking your case in front of a jury, we will explain all your options.

For expert help from our board-certified criminal law attorneys, please fill out our online form or call the office location closest to you. You may reach our Durham office at 919-695-7338 or our Pittsboro office at 919-545-5626.