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Our attorneys are board-certified in state and federal criminal law. They have the knowledge and insight you need when criminal charges threaten your future.

Protecting you from serious state and federal charges.

Advocating for your driving privileges and a reduction of penalties.

Fighting for you after drug possession, distribution or trafficking charges. 

Accomplished Defense Attorneys Protecting Your Future

At Edwards & Trenkle, PLLC, our attorneys have a history of successfully guiding clients through criminal charges and complex legal concerns. Whether you face drunk driving, fraud or assault charges, all can significantly impact your future. Our goal is to protect your reputation, career prospects, financial security and freedom.

Defending North Carolina Residents Since 1990

We Will Listen To Your Story

Our team will carefully evaluate the circumstances of your case to establish a strong defense. We are not here to pass judgement; we will listen to your account of what happened and advocate for the best possible outcome given the situation. Even if you know that you have done nothing wrong, you do not want to address these charges on your own. The legal system is complex, and you can easily make mistakes that will negatively impact your long-term well-being.

What does it mean to be board certified?

Board-certified specialists have undergone additional training and have significant experience within their area of law. They have demonstrated skill and competency, and they maintain respect from their peers.

Mark E. Edwards


Robert C. Trenkle


Capable Litigators Ready To Represent You In Court

We tailor our approach to secure the best results for each client. Depending on your case, we may negotiate a settlement or represent you in court. Attorneys Mark Edwards and Robert Trenkle can represent you in local, state or federal court. We can also take your case before the court of appeals if you suffered from an unjust ruling. Our attorneys have significant experience with all types of post-conviction relief, and we are ready to help you.

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If you face criminal charges, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, you cannot leave your future to chance. We will remain by your side from your initial consultation through to your case’s conclusion. Call Edwards & Trenkle, PLLC to schedule a consultation at either of our convenient office locations. You can reach our Pittsboro office at 919-545-5626, or our Durham office at 919-695-7338. You may also contact our experienced lawyers online.

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