Attorneys Edwards & Trenkle have written the comprehensive guide to North Carolina gun laws and how they apply to you with particular emphasis on self-defense issues.


Unravel the often complex and confusing gun laws of North Carolina explained in simple, easy to understand chapters.

Educate yourself and get the answers you need to carry confidently from experienced attorneys who have an extensive knowledge of gun laws in the “Tar Heel State.” Written in simple English (not legalese!), North Carolina Gun Law: Armed & Educated breaks down complex laws in a way that everyone can easily understand.

North Carolina Gun Law: Armed & Educated answers the hard questions that law-abiding gun owners need to know in their state, including:

  • Do I have to register my firearms in North Carolina?
  • Do I need a license to carry my gun in North Carolina?
  • How do I know if I’m legally justified to use deadly force?
  • I just shot someone—what do I do?

If you are a North Carolina gun owner, you need this book!