What To Do If You Are Arrested in North Carolina?

What to Do If You’re Arrested in North Carolina?

Being arrested and booked into jail is a terrifying experience. Although the system is supposed to give you the presumption of innocence, it usually doesn’t feel that way. Law enforcement officers and prosecutors will make it sound like they have all the evidence in the world against you, but don’t fall for their tricks. Know your rights!

  • You should be respectful and polite to law enforcement officers. No matter how they act toward you, try to keep your cool and stay quiet.
  • Never resist arrest.
  • You should not give a statement to the police.
  • You should only share the basic information needed for your booking paperwork, such as your name, address, and phone number.
  • You should ask for a lawyer immediately. You can continue to repeat this any time an officer asks you for additional information about what happened.
  • You should take mental notes on everything that is happening. Try to remember who may have witnessed your arrest, what police officers said to you, and the overall timeline of how events unfolded. If you can, write down the officers’ names and badge numbers
  • One of the first calls you or a loved one should make after an arrest is to an experienced North Carolina criminal defense lawyer. There are many opportunities between the time you are arrested and the time your case is set to go to trial for a skilled defense attorney to intervene and negotiate on your behalf. Don’t hesitate to get the straightforward legal advice you need from an experienced attorney.