Us Law Shield

Legal Defense For Self Defense®

Your safety is their priority!


Self-defense starts with education. We’re here to give you in-depth knowledge into the realities of self-defense and the law.


To help members take more proactive measures for responsible self-defense, we provide comprehensive instruction and training for whatever the future may hold.


The Shield is for legal protection. And because you can’t choose the moment you’ll need us, we’re always here for you—24/7/365.

How they make you feel safe:

  • Nationwide network of Independent Program Attorneys (IPAs)
  • 24/7/365 emergency access to an attorney-answered hotline
  • Legal representation for both criminal and civil cases
  • Zero attorneys’ fees for covered events—no limits, caps or deductibles
  • Legal updates and State-specific guides
  • Unlimited access to our informative resources
  • Members get all this, and more, for less than 50 cents a day